tattooedandpierced1 said: the nipple hearts look so cool - have you had them done long?

Thanks so much. I have had them for about… 4 months?

tanqueraytears said: Your work is amazing. Can we please shoot when I come to la!!?!

Im flattered  you like my work, but sadly I have moved to Washington state, Olympia specifically. I kept the location in LA because I am weird, but if you ever find yourself in WA we sure can shoot.

Some People Just Want to Watch the World Burn

Model: Rant 
New heart nipples =]
Very happy with them.
Heart nipples.
This a cute makeup doing picture of Rant 
Model: Rant
By me hee haww
I suck at give photos names. 

If anything out there listens… I would like suggestions for good Game of Thrones art blogs as well as just fan blogs. I need more game of thrones in my life.

EIGHT MORE UNTIL 500!! Thank you all =]

Memory Vampire